technology & information

read to prepare yourselves for session 23

  1. Yammering away at the office: A distraction or a bonus?, from the 28 January 2010 print edition of The Economist
  1. Organizations IT Infrastructures as Changing Interdependencies among Technology, People and Work Practices, M. Jarrahi, et al.

Then look over these articles and be ready to talk about them

from the 08 October 2011 print edition of The Economist

things we'll talk about

  • how have recent developments in technology revolutionized how we interact with information?
  • how have they altered the way we interact with each other? the way we do class work? the types of careers available? the jobs we want to do?
  • how have they altered the way America operates? the way the world operates?

If the session will include an in-class exercise, it will be noted here.