organizational contexts

read to prepare yourselves for session 02

  1. Saracevic, T. (October 01, 1999). Information Science. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 50, 12, 1051-63.
  2. Buckland, M. K. (June 01, 1991). Information as Thing. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 42, 5, 351-60.



Then read what Bob Losee has to say about information in the first three paragraphs on p. v of his book.

  1. Losee, R. M. (2012). Information from processes: About the nature of information creation, use, and representation.
    Berlin: Springer.

As the author describes it:

... information is the set of characteristics of the output of a process, the characteristics produced from the set of possible characteristics of the output. The information produced by the process is about the process itself and about its input. This informative output may be observed and analyzed, and the output may be captured by a statement describing the information and the relationships between the information containing variables. Such an informative statement may describe the state of nature at the output of the process.



things we'll talk about

  • how do we define information
  • how do we decide what qualifies as information
  • how do we use and interact with information