organizational ethics

organizational ethics

read to prepare yourselves for session 21

  1. Fotis, G. W. (January 01, 1996). MEMBER'S SPOTLIGHT - The most effective leaders are ethical ones. (Interactive Personal Ethics) Management Review, 85, 12, 46.
  2. Rosanas, J. M., & Velilla, M. (April 01, 2003). Loyalty and trust as the ethical bases of organizations. Journal of Business Ethics, 44 (1). 11th Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society Ethical Challenges in the Age of Globalization: 49-59.

things we'll talk about

  • thinking back to what we discussed in decision making, how do ethics factor in the choices that organizations make?
  • what benefits do organizations receive by behaving ethically as a whole? or is it just good PR?
  • what happens when organizations do not behave ethically? can we recall recent events that illustrate the consequences? (the WalMart mis-labeled pork scandal in China; Exxon over-reporting their oil reserves; ...)
  • are these consequences severe enough to keep organizations acting ethically? what happens when organizations (not just companies, but not-for-profits and charities as well) abuse their power? does it put the public's health and privacy at risk?

If the session will include an in-class exercise, it will be noted here.