individual identity

read to prepare yourselves for session 06

  1. Foreman, P., & Whetten, D. A. (December 01, 2002). Members' Identification with Multiple-Identity Organizations. Organization Science, 13, 6, 618-635.
  2. Mael, F. A., & Ashforth, B. E. (June 01, 2001). Identification in Work, War, Sports, and Religion: Contrasting the Benefits and Risks. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 31, 2, 197-222.

things we'll talk about

  • how do individuals perceive their organization?
  • how do individuals perceive their roles in their organization?
  • do different individuals perceive the same organization differently?
  • how does this influence organizational culture? does it become multi-dimensional?
  • how could individuals' identification with their organization influence their decisions to make ethical choices within that organization?

If the session will include an in-class exercise, it will be noted here.