organizational culture

read to prepare yourselves for session 12

  1. Schein, E. H. (1985). Organizational culture and leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Chapter 1, Defining organizational culture, 3-15.
  2. If that does not satisfy you, you might want to also read the #hypertextual blog article on Edgar Schein and what his work means.

Then to take the thought of organizational culture down to one organization and its culture, read

  1. 1100100 and counting
  2. The test of time

things we'll talk about

  • define organizational culture from the Schein reading
  • plan to discuss your personal experiences with organizational cultures
  • what organizational examples (or companies) can we think of that have been successful because of their organizational culture?

If the session will include an in-class exercise, it will be noted here.