loyalty & individuals

read to prepare yourselves for session 09

Fall, B. B. (1961). Street without joy: Indochina at war, 1946-54. Harrisburg, Pa: Stackpole. Chapter 10: The Men

things we'll talk about

  • why is loyalty in members a valuable commodity for organizations?
  • what kinds of things would motivate you to be loyal to an organization? what would it have to do to win your loyalty?
  • what do you think about the increase in turnover of IT professionals?
  • does the idea of working at several companies over the course of your career worry you?
  • would you prefer it to working at one company over most of your professional life?
Bernard Fall's Street without joy

We'll do an in class exercise

let's read this together in class
Fall, B., 1961, Street without joy, pp. 291-294

Your groups will report back on what this passage meant to them in terms of the topic of this session.