Assignment 04 | graphical overview of the system and a prototype of the interface

Design and Implementation of an Interface Prototype

This series of assignments involves designing a prototype of an interface for an information system and developing a description of that interface.

The design process involves six components

  1. identifying and describing the intended users of the system | due on 29 Jan | worth 10%
  2. identifying and describing the essence of the task to be supported by the system | due on 26 Feb | worth 20%
  3. making justifiable decisions about the design | due on 24 Mar | worth 20%
  4. graphical overview of the system and a prototype of the interface | due on 07 Apr| worth 20%

In this assignment, you will make your design decisions concrete. They will be documented in two forms:

  1. a "map" of the system architecture, and
  2. a prototype of all or a portion of the system

The map may be a simplified state transition diagram, a user environment map (from Beyer & Holtzblatt), or some other graphical illustration of the system architecture. The prototype will instantiate all or portions of your design.

The prototype will be demonstrated in class.

If you are considering a web site, you might want to consider looking at this circa 1999 model of what a system description might look like. Yours does not have to include everything you see here, but you might want to think about whether or not your system description fully describes the system you have designed.

If you are considering a standalone system, this different, and more recent, system description might provide you with an example of what a fully developed standalone system task might look like.

Mobile apps are becoming more important. If you are considering an app, this recent example of a system description might provide you with a better example of what a fully developed mobile app task might look like.

But, to provide something that may be useful for your peers to evaluate in task 05 ...

... the system description should be the total package. Include in it your user analysis, your task analysis, your design decisions, your graphical overview, and your prototype. If you were not fully satisfied with how you did on any of the earlier components, this is your opportunity to make the necessary changes to make any or all of the earlier components better.

This task is due after your prototype demonstrations, on Monday, 07 Apr 2014

  1. usability inspection of a design developed by one of your classmates | due on 16 Apr | worth 10%
  2. a thoughtful response to that inspection | due on 02 May | worth 10%