Interaction Design

We will have two required textbooks

The first is an excellent textbook described as comprehensive and practical, showing both theory and its application.

Sharp, H., Rogers, Y., & Preece, J. (2011). Interaction design: Beyond human-computer interaction.
Chichester: John Wiley.

The second is a cross-disciplinary reference of design, pairing clear explanations of design concepts with visual examples of the concepts applied in practice.

Lidwell, W., Holden, K., Butler, J., & Elam, K. (2010). Universal Principles of Design Universal principles of design: 125 ways to enhance usability, influence perception, increase appeal, make better design decisions, and teach through design.
Beverly, Mass: Rockport Publishers.

We will use selected principles from this book as preparatory readings for each class session, but as the book includes 125 principles and we have 29 sessions, we won't necessarily cover each one in depth. I do think you need to have this book in your professional collection, though, and that is why it is a required text.

Universal Principles of Design from gdcapocyan

Other Readings

When additional readings are assigned, they will be made available electronically, through the class schedule and the specific session pages.