05.Developing the user profile(s)

Read this to prepare for class discussion

  1. Universal principles of design
    Personas, 182
    Mental Model, 154
  2. Head, A. J. (2003).
    Personas: setting the stage for building usable information sites.
    Online, 27(4), 14-21.
  3. from Sharp, Rogers, & Preece,
    Chapter 10, Establishing requirements
    • User characteristics, 360-361

Optional readings which may come up in class discussions



Useful, but not available online


Some ideas of projects from the past

applications for smart phones or tablets

  1. 3D X-RAY Analysis App
  2. Big Weather Data
  3. Diamond Heels Compendium Portal
  4. Kindle Recipe Program
  5. Korean Food Recipe Application
  6. managing one's Facebook friends
  7. personal timelines
  8. piano picker app
  9. Travel Guide App

database interfaces

  1. IPDB
  2. Marketing Management System Design for a Bookstore
  3. Prescription Drug Summarization System For Consumers


  1. Cross-Domain Content Sharing Manager
  2. Electronic Nursing Documentation
  3. Heart Center Observation Area Intranet Page
  4. Morrison Community website
  5. SILS Help Desk Equipment Loan System
  6. Staff Interface
  7. SyG support ticket system
  8. UNC map application
  9. UNC Med Systems High Level Measurement Web View


  1. Mapping Manning


  1. Baltimore Music Map
  2. BEC website
  4. Business Information Website for Perquimans County
  5. Carolinas Chapter of ASIS&T Web Site
  6. DCAPE Web Interface
  7. Deals and Coupons Sharing Website
  8. Group Fitness Pages
  9. Home of RTP Chinese
  10. ILSSA website
  11. Online Shopping Product Search Website
  12. Resource and Engagement Management Tool website
  13. Resources for Casual Gamers
  14. Sierra Club Web Interface
  16. Transformative Organizing Website
  17. UNC Library Gateway Site
  18. UNC Used Book Website
  19. website for a senior citizens' activity club

websites for actual users

  1. Connect the Dots - for UNC Admissions
  2. DataNet Federation Consortium
  3. SIBUC website