27.course review

Read this to prepare for class discussion

  1. A new global visual language for the BBC's digital services and be prepared to talk about it in terms of what we have discussed this semester

After discussing where we have been and where we have arrived, there are two evaluation forms...


① Carolina Course Evaluation

You should have received an email telling you that you can fill out your Carolina Course Evaluation online. It is a set of 30 closed-ended questions. You may complete this form at your leisure, but it would also be very appropriate for you to complete it in class on the last scheduled session. The CCE results are used for promotion decisions within the School. For SILS courses, you have three extra questions to answer online as well.

  1. The instructor's command of the subject matter was excellent
  2. My interest in the subject has increased
  3. The pace at which the instructor covered the material was appropriate

Comments written on the Carolina Course Evaluation form will be shared with the instructor and those involved in evaluation of teaching at SILS.

② SILS Teaching Evaluation

As part of the course evaluation process at the end of the semester, SILS has its own evaluation questionnaire for its courses. This questionnaire was originally developed by ILSSA. The questions are open-ended and allow you to provide more specific comments about each course. The responses to these questionnaires are aggregated and then distributed to the instructor for the course. They are seen by no one else at SILS, and are intended solely for the instructor to improve this particular course or his/her teaching in general. In order to serve that purpose, the instructor needs to hear from each of you.

Please use this link to complete ONE SURVEY FOR EACH of your SILS courses. The survey will remain open until after the end of finals.

Please read the first question carefully as it needs to be filled out in the exact form specified depending on the course. For this course, fill in "718_001".

Comments on the SILS form will only be shared with the instructor.