Our Theory & Practice session had to be cancelled

We were snowed out today, but will reschedule Matt for later.

Guest speaker

Matt Poland will speak with us a variety of things. As he described what he will talk about ...

My general "pitch" would be to talk about working as a UX researcher who doesn't really do design per se, and the importance of usability research for understanding how users think and behave when they're using a UI, and the insights designers/developers can have based on it. I can also talk about the experience of being a consultant rather than in-house.

Consider what you might want to ask him.


Required reading

  • Look at Matt's Baltimore Music Map, his design effort in the spring of 2013. Consider what he was trying to do and ask yourself how well he managed to succeed.
  • Matt currently works in Seattle for User Research International and is involved in a lot of user issues.