INLS161-001 | Spring 2018

Task 04 Spreadsheets

Task04 GRADE SHEET | Tasks due by 11:59 p.m. on due date.

  You will download the INLS-161-2018-project-workbook.xlsx and modify 18 to 20 spreadsheets. Be sure to use this file and not a file from another semester. (be careful not to Google search for this site, you might end up on a previous semester site that is archived.) due 03/27
  Download this excel file to follow along in the intro class  
  You will demonstrate sheet setup skills, create new spreadsheets, format cells, control the display of rows with color formatting due 03/27
  You will demonstrate that you can freeze panes, validate data, and hide data due 03/27

You will demonstrate that you know how to work with various formulas and functions
Here are some basic functions you should know about: max | min | average | sum | count | countblank | countif

due 03/27
  You will demonstrate how to pull vectored data from two sheets into a formula. Instructions in this file: Vector Example due 03/27
  You will demonstrate charting and chart formatting and chart annotating due 03/27
  You will demonstrate facility with filtering and sorting, subtotaling (example in this file)subtotaling (Make sure you use the Subtotal Tool for the Subtotals worksheet tasks) and commenting due 03/27
  You will demonstrate how to print rows with column headers on each page due 03/27
  You will include headers and footers and setting up worksheets for printing and basic page layout due 03/27
  You will save and put in your opal task folder due 03/27


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