INLS161-001 | Spring 2018

Class Session: Wednesday Mar 21, 2018

Spreadsheets: Database Tools

Preparations for this Session

How to create a Database in Excel

glance over Excel 2007+ Step by Step Database Tutorial

top/reload prep panel

Grading Update: as of 10:00 p.m. March 20, 2017, I have graded all of the 03-docs project pre-checks that I have. I will continue to post them to Sakai Wednesday morning; my goal is to have them all up by noon. There are some common errors, so I will take a few minutes to go over them just before class. I will try to get to campus by 2:30 before class, if you have questions. If you are still waiting on a website regrade, I will get to it before this weekend. The document projects get first priority.

I taught some of this material a bit out of order, so we will make up for it today

Before diving in to the Database tools demo, we will cover the remaining items that I have not yet demonstrated in class:

  • adjusting row height
  • adjusting column width
  • Multilevel sort (as opposed to a multi-level filter, which I have covered)
  • Comments
  • Charts and adding graphics to charts
  • Page Setup: header rows, footers, layout for printing

If you have been to each class, you will have seen everything you need to complete the 04-spreadsheets project.

No free pre-check, but you will get the opportunity for a regrade if you turn this in by the due date

I will not have time for pre-checks for the remainder of the semester.

You should try to get as much of the project done before coming to the lab next Monday, March 26, so that you can use that time to get help on what may still be unclear. Consider the lab time your pre-check. You must post the file the by the due date to get the averaged regrade. Emailed files will not be accepted. Use what you learn from the documents project to work out the kinks on posting this project to your protected tasks directory. If you turn in the project late, I will grade it as is. If you turn in the project very late, you will risk the possibility that I will not have time to grade it at all.

Practice Files

If we have time, we will download and demo two or three practice files to introduce the concept of Excel as a database. If not, we will look at this in our introductory database session.


Lawrence Jones

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