INLS161-001 | Spring 2018

Class Session: Monday Mar 26, 2018

Spreadsheets Lab

We will use this session to finish up our spreadsheet tasks.

I will not have time for pre-checks for this project or for the remainder of the semester.

You should try to get as much of the project done before coming to this lab, so that you can use this time to get help on what may still be unclear. Consider this your pre-check. You must post the file the by the due date to get the average regrade. Emailed files will not be accepted. Use what you learn from the documents project to work out the kinks on posting this project to your protected tasks directory. If you turn in the project late, I will grade it as is. If you turn in the project very late, you will risk the possibility that I will not have time to grade it at all.

Links to all of the in-class practice files:

Intro Demo Workbook

Intro Session Wookbook


Vector Example

Functions, Formulas and Subtotal Tool

Make sure you use the Subtotal Tool for the subtotal tasks!

Subtotals (This also has examples of formulas and functions)


Lawrence Jones

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