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Summer 2001

Short-term assignments. There are four individual short-term assignments. See the box below for details and date due.

Organization Description
(done in class)
Criteria for Evaluating
June 11/12
Funding Sources
Criteria for Evaluating
June 20
Concept Paper
Criteria for Evaluating
June 27
Reviewer CommentNow through August 1

Project assignments - 1/2 credit. Those enrolling for 1/2 credit should do these assignments as part of a team -- unless you receive prior approval to do them as an individual.

Needs Statement, Goal(s) & Objectives, Evaluation Plan
Criteria for Evaluating
July 11
Letter Proposal
Criteria for Evaluating
July 25

Project assignments - 1 credit. Those enrolling for 1 credit should do these assignments. They are parts of one large proposal that you will be creating piecemeal in draft form in order to receive comments and be able to revise before submitting the complete proposal. The proposal is to be developed as a team, unless you receive prior approval to do it as an individual.

Note: If you are taking the course for one credit but would prefer to create a fundraising plan rather than the proposal, please see me and we'll work out an appropriate alternative assignment. It will be similar to that described above for 1/2 credit folks but with more detail.

Needs Statement
Goals and Objectives

Criteria for Evaluating
July 5
Evaluation Plan and Dissemination Plan
Criteria for Evaluating
July 11
Work Plan and Resource Plan
Criteria for Evaluating
July 18
Budget and
Justifications for Items

Criteria for Budget
July 25
Cover Sheet, Abstract, and Appendices (if needed)
Revised Proposal
Aug. 1