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Summer 2001

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To help you keep track of all our synchronous sessions and due dates of your various assignments, a chronological schedule is provided below.

Five audio sessions are scheduled. You are responsible for material covered in these sessions and I will expect you to be online during each of these sessions, unless you have made prior arrangements with me or unless something untoward happens. The sessions will be archived, of course, for later reference to them; also much of the content will be available on web pages. I will expect postings from everyone during and after the audio session.

Required readings are provided for each week below. For enrichment, please examine each week the books and articles from the resource list and elsewhere and select an additional one or two short articles or book chapters to read. Post a comment about your reading to the appropriate Bulletin board list. Note: This activity is optional but recommended.



June 11-12  On-campus workshop schedule. Class will be held from 9-4 in the Ilini Union (1405 W. Green St.) Room 407.

In preparation: Please examine both textbooks and read Part I (first four chapters) of Miner et al and chapters 1 and 2 of Steele and Elder. Please bring the book to class on both days.

June 20
4-6pm CST

Searching for grant funding sources and for prospects for fundraising (reprise); Concept paper and Executive Summary; Uses of Concept Paper; Letter proposals vs full proposals; Need/Problem Statement; Team approach to fundraising.

In preparation, please review chapters 2-4 in Miner et al and read Part III (chapter 5). Consider the chapter headings in Part III and read chapter 6 and 7 on government proposals in same text. Read chapter 3 of Steele et al.

  • Due June 20 -- Funding Source Assignment
  • Due June 20 -- Revised Organization Paper (optional)

June 27
Wed 4-6 CST

Group Work: Discussion and comparison of concept papers. Choose 1)best catchy title, 2) most descriptive title, 3)most timely problem, 4)best solution. Post to chalk board.
Whole Class: Goals and objectives for proposals and fundraising. Relationship of objectives to evaluation. Comparison of organizational "special niche" (Steele) to "claim to fame" (Miner) and of "Development Program Indicators" (Steele) to "Types of Evaluation" (Miner).

In preparation, please read chapters 8 and 10 of Miner, et al. Read Chapter 4 of Steele and Elder.

  • Due June 27 - Concept Paper

July 4

No synchronous session today. Enjoy the Fireworks!

Reading this week: Please read chapter 11 of Miner et al. (Don't forget about enrichment readings of your choice)

  • Due for 1 credit teams on July 5 -- Needs Statement; Goals and Objectives

July 11
Wed 4-6 CST
Work plan (Who does What in order to accomplish objectives). Resource Plan (Calculation of need for People, Material, Equipment, Space, Travel, etc.). The Letter Proposal and the Courtship process (Relationship Marketing).

In preparation, please read review chapter 5 in Miner. et al and read chapter 9. Read chapter 5 of Steele and Elder.

  • Due for 1/2 credit teams on July 11 -- Needs/Problem Statement, Goals and Objectives, Evaluation Plan
  • Due for 1 credit teams on July 11 -- Evaluation Plan and Dissemination Plan

July 18

No synchronous session this week.

Please read chapter 12 on budgets from Miner et al. )Because this topic can be difficult for some, consider reading in addition appropriate chapters from Barber, Bauer, Geever or others) Please review the criteria statements for each of the assignments for both 1/2 and 1 credit students. Study the Reviewer comment assignment.

  • Due for 1 credit teams on July 18 -- Work Plan and Resource Plan.
  • Due from all students on July 18 - Reviewer Comments

July 25
Wed 4-6 CDT

Group comparison of Reviewer Comments with presentations (if possible). Proposal budgets. The fine art of estimating costs. Living with a budget. Proposal appendixes. Fundraising aids -- Friends groups, Events. Review of Funding sources.

In preparation, please read chapter 13 from Miner et al and chapters 6, 7 and 8 from Steele and Elder.

  • Due for 1/2 credit folks on July 25 - Letter Proposal
  • Due for 1 credit folks on July 25 - Budget and Justification
Aug. 1
Wed 4-6 CDT

The Library's Image and Library Development. Final touches for the proposal. Grant review and funding decisions.

In preparation, please read chapters 9 and 10 from Steele and elder. Read chapter 14 and Part IV (chapters 15-17) from Miner et al. Optional readings at this point may give you a sense of how much you've learned.

  • Due for 1 credit folks on Aug. 1 - Cover sheet, Abstract, any additional material
  • Due for all individuals and teams on Aug. 3 - Final revised letter or full proposal (Optional. If you are satisfied with your original effort, just tell me so)
  • If you have any comments or questions on any aspect of the syllabus, please contact Evelyn Daniel