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Lawrence (Larry) Jones, M.Ed. Adjunct Instructor
UNC School of Information and Library Science


recitation times

INLS 161-603: Fridays from 9:05-10:20 a.m.
INLS 161-604: Fridays from 11:15-12:30 p.m.

If you have never logged into, you will need to do that first before I can grant you access to any of my Panopto Videos on this site.

As we progress though the semester, you will see that the video columns will have panopto link to that session's class recording. It usually takes until later in the day on Friday for the video to be fully processed. If there is a class that does not offically meet, the panopto video link will be to a pre-recorded session.

dateLecture Site Linktasks603 video604 video
0101-14Basics Intro01.01 01.02 & 01.03panoptopanopto
0201-21Command Line01.04panopto< 603 is better
0301-28SFTP & Editors01.05panoptopanopto
0402-04HTML 02.01panopto< 603 is better
0502-11CSS02.02panopto< 603 is better
0602-18Templates02.03604 is better >panopto
0702-25Scripting02.03604 is better >panopto
0803-04Document Setup03.00panopto< 603 is better
0903-11Graphics Images03.00panopto< 603 is better
--03-18Spring BreakNo class
1003-25Data Intro04.00panopto< 603 is better
1104-01Data Display04.00panopto
room mic meh
Mac mic better
1204-08Data Manipulation04.00604 better >panopto
13holidayVlookup & SQL online only04.00see Data Manipulation Video for VLookup and Page Setup
1404-22Presentation Design05.00panopto
--04-29[Final Class: Section 603][final]FRI 08:00 a.m.
--05-06[Final Class: Section 604][final]FRI 12:00 p.m.