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Link your task 02.01 web page to a stylesheet

Link your hard coded web page to a stylesheet

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Task 02.02

Use a basic text editor and link the page you created for Task 2.1 to a CSS stylesheet (you can make the link either an absolute link to a sheet you do not control or a relative link to a sheet you do control).

Here are four different stylesheets you may choose to use.

You may wish to experiment with each of the stylesheets to see which one most suits you, or which one causes your block level elements to display in a more interesting fashion. You may also wish to add different kinds of HTML tags on your 2.1 page to see how the different stylesheets cause them to display. You may also wish to experiment with the CSS selectors and declarations on your chosen stylesheets, to see how they display after you have modified them.

Update task02-01/index.html page and update the entire task02-01 folder to your public_html space by 2359 on day before the using a template session. This task component is required, to compel you to try out linking to an external CSS stylesheet.

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