INLS161-001 Spring 2022

Tools for Information Literacy

There will be no recitations this week

Be heard by being seen through effective presentation design

Task ⑥ ⇒ presentations

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Your task this time is to create a self-running, very professional, presentation. You may use this opportunity to create a presentation that both displays expertise with presentation tools and is a tool to convey a message to a specific audience.

You may use any presentation tool you prefer for this task, but not all of them can do all that the task calls for. If you choose to use PowerPoint, you have all the components you need. If you choose to use something else, be sure it can do everything that is needed.

Remember, no matter what platform you use for your presentation, it will be viewed on a standard Windows 10 laptop. Don't be in for an unhappy surprise when something that works on your laptop does not work on the instructor's laptop.

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Presentation Topic

You may choose the topic of your presentation.
If you cannot think of a topic you want to use, select one of the following:

Even though this presentation will be intended to satisfy a requirement in another class, you do need to display the requisite skills listed on the specifications

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You may work alone or in teams. If you choose to work as a team, we need to hear the voices of all the team members in the slide narrations.

Your goal is to create a single presentation that simultaneously satisfies two objectives:

  1. it will be a self-running presentation that incorporates slide timing and your narration
    • this presentation will run automatically just as if you were delivering the presentation live
    • we will see the slides, hear your narration, and observe images and objects in the order and timing you wish them to appear
    • we will use this version to decide on the points for Esthetics
  2. but the presentation should be created as if you were, in fact, going to present it live
    • it should be set up with delivery tools, in particular with on-screen navigation tools, so that you could present it and have total control over how it would run
    • we will cover this requirement in more detail during the delivery session
    • we will use your design to decide on the points for Formatting Decisions

Working in groups for tasks

You may, if you choose to, do this task as a group project. These are some guidelines to follow for group work in INLS161.

Note who your work group members are and be sure you know them by face and by email address. As you work together, follow this process for your work:

The saved presentation will include both the visuals and any accompanying sound files.

We will all see a selection of the presentations together in class together during the scheduled exam time

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Task 05 is worth 20% of your INLS161 grade, so this task will be worth 10 points in total. Each of the sub-elements is listed on the gradesheet.

The finished presentation will be stored in your Sakai assignments location for INLS161..

Save the finished product using the standard file name structure for this class.
An example of a standard file name might be johnson.pat.20220506.task05.presentation.pptx

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