INLS161-001 Spring 2022

Tools for Information Literacy

Task 01.01

We'll use Sakai to communicate with each other throughout the course.

Introduce yourselves to your classmates

Join and contribute to the class forums and chat

Become familiar with the forums and chat functions in Sakai.

tools to communicate

Create your first forum posting

Your initial posting should be a repeat of what you will do in the first lab/recitation session. Include it it at least the following:

  1. your name and the name you prefer to be called
  2. your hometown (in whatever manner you chose to define the word "hometown")
  3. your class (first year, second, third, fourth, graduate student)
  4. your major
  5. what you hope to get out of this class
  6. the operating system on your personal laptop
  7. and, the names of the newsletters you have signed up for

Of course, you may add anything else that you wish.

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