Task 06: Presentations

Task06 GRADE SHEET | This task is due on the Final Exam Day and time, December 8.

Here is a Good overview to get started: PowerPoint Quick Start

Mac Users can benefit from this PowerPoint Mac help

All Gradesheet Tasks enumerated in the PPXpress Start PowerPoint Presentation

task Create a self-running presentation with slide timing and narration. No less than 4 minutes. Try for 5 minutes. Five and a half minutes max. Aim for quality over quantity. Minimum of eight slides. No limit on total slides provided your presentation does not exceed 5.5 minutes in self-running mode.
Your presentation should also be able to function as if you were presenting it live
due 12/08
6.01 You will design/edit your own template or theme and explain in the notes why you selected it. | Quick template setup | Mac templates due 12/08
6.02 You will create a personal logo Here is a helpful  video tutorial I found on YouTube.
Add it to the top-level slide master in the footer or somewhere else where it does not disrupt the flow of the presentation.
due 12/08
  Use the default bullet format for ONLY the overview and summary slides. Find an alternative (here is one) to using standard bullet points. Five points for each one will be lost for ignoring this directive due 12/08
6.03 Incude an automatically updated date in the footer.  
6.04 Include an overview slide that lays out where your presentation is going to go. You may use a bullet slide format if you wish. due 12/08
6.05 Include a summary slide that wraps up your presentation with the message you want the audience to go away remembering.
Here too you may use a bullet slide format if you wish.
due 12/08
6.06 At least one slide should have a different background from the rest of the slides (it could be the hidden slide). due 12/08

Using your overview slide as a guide, include some sort of visible navigation device throughout the presentation so the viewer understands where he or she is in the presentation.
Add hyperlinks to this device so you can control movement within your presentation from the objects on the slides. Navigation Sample File
This is different from a slide transition, which you need to do for at least one slide. (See 6.14)

due 12/08
6.08 Illustrate your points. Use your own photos and graphics if possible. Cite URL when pulling from the web or cite book when scanning book photos. If you share or post your deck, be cognizant of copyright. I am not concerned about copyright for grading purposes; I just want you to be aware that if you post anything on the web, assignment or not, you are subject to copyright laws and citing does not necessarily give you the right to use images. Consider creative commons images. Finda.photo is another good resource. due 12/08
6.09 Use PowerPoint text box (or boxes) and drawing tools to add information to a graphic or images to at least one slide. (You can hide this slide if this disrupts your slide flow or design.)
This is not a PowerPoint annotation in the sense that you annotate a slide during the presentation flow. This task simply requires that you demonstrate that you are able to use the powerpoint text and drawing tools to add information to an image or graphic that has bee placed into your presentation.
due 12/08
6.10-12 Demonstrate facility with animation by making an object move and an object appear and an object disappear due 12/08
6.13 Demonstrate drawing tools (helpful video at study.com) and grouping skills and document this in the speaker notes section due 12/08
6.14 Have at least one visual slide transition device. due 12/08
6.15-16 hide a slide  then link to it and link back to the presentation from the slide | see linking help due 12/08
6.17 Link out to a web page on the internet in at least one slide | see linking help due 12/08
6.18 Add narration to the presentation. Introduce each slide. Time your presentation so that it will run unattended. Be careful to pause when advancing to the next slide. Audio is limited to the slide; you cannot record in the transition between slides. due 12/08
6.19 Use any tool you wish to create a self-running presentation (Vimeo, a movie, a packaged for file presentation - it's your choice, but ensure that the file will run automatically and fully on a windows laptop, even if you create it using Mac-specific software) If your presentation will self-run from PowerPoint, you do not have to package the self-running presentation. due 12/08
6.20 Presentation will be graded on a scale of competent, good, excellent, something new. See Grade Sheet for points. due 12/08
6.21 Speaker notes should discuss some of your creative decisions. See grade sheet for full info and points. due 12/08

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