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Common Problems

Here are some common problems I am finding:

You change CSS, and refresh, but your changes don't work

This can be a problem with the browser cache. Read this article for more background: Bypass Browser Cache

Links on desktop work, but don't work on Opal

This is usually because your laptop is more forgiving on mixed case with filenames:  a link named photo.html that refers to a file named PHOTO.html might work on the computer, but not on the Opal server or other servers you might use in the future.

spaces in filenames:

my photo.jpg is not best practice. Use an underscore or hyphen: my_photo.jpg or my-photo.jpg or even myPhoto.jpg. Capitals are okay as long as long as you remember that myphoto.jpg and myPhoto.jpg will not work on the Opal server if your link and the image are not exactly the same. They must be exactly the same. As I have stressed before, stick with a convention that you use all of the time so you don't have to remember variations. Most content management systems automatically create page names with all lowercase and hypens with no space, so that is the convention I try to stick with.

<center> tag is not valid anymore

If you are using the Task 2.1 for your template. use the CSS classes in your custom.css file.

the project/repository folder name has spaces

This is not best practice for web design. Git rid of the spaces.

Careless Omissions

Open the grade sheet and check to make sure you are doing all the required things.

Duplicated head or body tags

make sure you only have only one head section and one body section.

Active Page

if you are using the 2.1 theme you make your clicked page active like this: <a class="active" href....

Quick links

opal login: ssh
opal password: ONYEN password


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