Class Session: Monday Sep 10, 2018

Basics: Lab

We will use this session to...

  1. get any of your questions asked
  2. be certain that you are comfortable with command line actions (at least the ones we have tried)
  3. be certain that you are comfortable with your FTP tool on your laptop
  4. be certain that you can access OPAL from off-campus with VPN and DUO two-step-verification
  5. if you have all of your tasks done, use this time to help classmates. Attending labs and helping others will positively affect your value added grade.

If you have an Internal Service Error on your Tasks directory...

If you get an internal service error on your tasks file, it is probably because something went wrong with this setup: Task01.05c Password Protect Directory

If you can't get the following steps to work, or if you are overwhelmed, see me for office hours and I will help you get it fixed.

Maybe you did not finish the process, or you accidentally deleted one of the hidden files with your sftp program. It does not matter, it is broken and it needs to be fixed.

If you already have a tasks directory and you have screen shots in there, you will still be able to correct it. You do not need to delete the tasks directory or the screen shots.

Log into your opal account on the command line; do not use sftp for the following steps. Mac users should use terminal, PC users should use Secure Shell. This will take you to your user directory.

Change the directory to you tasks directory. You can do it in one step:

cd public_html/tasks

To confirm that you are in your public_html/tasks directory, you can type in pwd (present working directory)


if you see this: /fs1/home/yourOnyen/public_html/tasks then you are in the right place.

Now run the list all command (ls -a):

ls -a

If you do not see the .htpasswd file, then that is the reason that your tasks folder is has an internal service error. You probably only have the .htaccess file.

Next run this command again:

and hit Enter. This will activate a script that will prompt you to create a user account and a password. Do not use your onyen password, but you can use your onyen user name. Since I will be the only other person logging into your tasks directory, you can use larry. But you can use any name you like, as long as you let me know the user name and password. You should not use your onyen password, because you will need to provide me with the password, and you should not share that with anyone, including UNC professors or instructors. Repeating this step will just overwrite the files.

Verify that you are in the directory you want to protect and follow the instructions on the screen. The program creates two files in the directory you are protecting: .htaccess and .htpasswd

You won't see these files on a regular ls command, you must type ls -a.

Quick links

opal login: ssh
opal password: ONYEN password


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