Class Session: Wednesday Dec 31, 1969

Web Design Lab

Use this time to put the finishing touches on your sites. Plan to share experiences with one another. Those who are done with their sites should plan to help those who are still working on theirs. If you have found a good design, a good tool, a good way to do something, share it with your colleagues.

Basic Site Sample

Here is a link to a simulated finished student website with simple css background colors.

  • The Home page has the obfuscated link
  • The Home page validates for css and html
  • The Home page has an image and looks clean and loads quickly
  • The About page has a resume link that sucessfully links to the resume
  • There are two google fonts
  • All text is using google fonts, including the nav and the subnav
  • The body background color and the active class tab on the primary navigation have been changed to a color that works well with the photo on the home page
  • The blue link color really clashed with the orange background, so that was altered in the custom.css file
  • The About page has two columns
  • The interests page has the list of ten cultural works
  • The INLS page has the comment code pasted into the page

Image Background Sample

Here is a link to a simulated finished student website with image background. This is declared once in the custom.css file.

The site is the same as the previous site, except for the body declaration in the custom.css and the active nav declaration in the nav.css file.

Quick links

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opal password: ONYEN password


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