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Task 01 | Basics

Value Added | daily

Class Schedule

Basics | sessions 01-05

22 AUG | intro
27 AUG | clients
29 AUG | servers
05 Sep | networks
10 Sep | basics lab

Web Development | sessions 06-11

12 Sep | structural layer
17 Sep | presentational layer
19 Sep | working with layers
24 Sep | behavior layer
26 Sep | images & design
01 Oct | website lab

Document Markup | sessions 12-14

27 Sep | object layers
02 Oct | tools that read markup
04 Oct | document markup lab

Spreadsheets | sessions 15-19

09 Oct | spreadsheets
17 Oct | formulas & functions
22 Oct | data display
 18 Oct | Fall Break 
24 Oct | database tools
29 Oct | spreadsheets lab

Relational Database | sessions 20-26

31 Oct | relational databases
05 Nov | tables
07 Nov | relationships
12 Nov | input & output
14 Nov | SQL
19 Nov | complex queries
26 Nov | databases lab
 21 Nov | Thanksgiving 

Presentation | sessions 27-30

28 Nov | presentation design
03 Dec | presentation delivery
05 Dec | presentation lab
12 Dec | 0800-1100 | final in class presentation

Task 01 will set up our environment for storing future tasks.

Task ① ⇒ basics

Perform a series of small tasks
to show your understanding of basic concepts

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Task 01.01 | prepare to share with the class

Sign up to the class blog and create a posting introducing yourselves

Task 01.02 | stay in touch with current news

Sign up for two newsletters

Task 01.03 | client-server relationship - ensure that you are prepared to work with the server

Set up your Virtual Private Network connection. Go to VPN Installation and Clients. Log in there and install the VPN client on your personal computers so you may use it to communicate with UNC servers when you are operating outside of the UNC network.

Task 01.04 | client skills - download and install software

Using or any other tool that you prefer, download and install an FTP tool compatible with your personal laptop and the UNC servers and show that you have the software on your PC by showing me that you know how to do a screen capture

Task 01.05 | server skills

Demonstrate some basic server operating system command line functional skills by creating a password protected directory in your public_html space on Opal and then send the name of your directory, along with the userid and password needed to access it to .

Task 01.06 | Internet information tools - how do packets travel

Using a traceroute tool, trace the route of packets from your client back to a domain name on a server and FTP a screenshot of your results into the password protected directory you created in Task 01.05.

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Task 01.01| prepare to share with the class

Do Task 01.01 (I'll know you did it)

Task 01.02| stay in touch with current news

Task 01.03| ensure that you are prepared to work with the server

In an email note using the email account you prefer that I use to communicate with you, send an email note to telling me you did both Task 01.02 and Task 01.03.

Task 01.05 | server skills

Send an email note to with the name of the directory you will create for Task 01.05, along with the URL I will need to find it, and the username and password I will need to open it.

Task 01.04 | download and install software

Task 01.06 | how do packets travel

FTP both Task 01.04 and Task 01.06 to the directory you will have created in Task 01.05. Then send me an with the URLs that I will use to be able to see both tasks.

If you wish to place your Tasks on your own blog, tell me how to find it.

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These first tasks are individually small and discrete, so there really isn't a visual model to follow.

The task 01 gradesheet contains the specifics standards and their weighted values.

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Value Added | daily
Basics | sessions 01-05
Web Development | sessions 06-11
Document Markup | sessions 12-14
Spreadsheets | sessions 15-19
Relational Database | sessions 20-26
Presentation | sessions 27-30