SILS iSchool

22 AUG 2018

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Class Schedule

Basics | sessions 01-05

22 AUG | intro | blog intro | newsletters | next session

27 AUG | clients
29 AUG | servers
05 Sep | networks
10 Sep | basics lab

Web Development | sessions 06-11

12 Sep | structural layer
17 Sep | presentational layer
19 Sep | working with layers
24 Sep | behavior layer
26 Sep | images & design
01 Oct | website lab

Document Markup | sessions 12-14

03 Oct | object layers
08 Oct | tools that read markup
10 Oct | document markup lab

Spreadsheets | sessions 15-19

15 Oct | spreadsheets
17 Oct | formulas & functions
22 Oct | data display
 18 Oct | Fall Break 
24 Oct | database tools
29 Oct | spreadsheets lab

Relational Database | sessions 20-26

31 Oct | relational databases
05 Nov | tables
07 Nov | relationships
12 Nov | input & output
14 Nov | SQL
19 Nov | complex queries
26 Nov | databases lab
 21 Nov | Thanksgiving 

Presentation | sessions 27-30

28 Nov | presentation design
03 Dec | presentation delivery
05 Dec | presentation lab
12 Dec | 0800-1100 | final in class presentation

We'll use the blog to communicate with each other throughout the course.

Task 01.01

class blog

Join and contribute to the class blog

I will use the email addresses on my Connect Carolina class list to invite you to join the class blog. You will have to respond to the invitation. If you wish to use another email address to join the blog, send me a note with the preferred email address and I will invite you using that new address.

You may join the blog more than once, using different email addresses.

You will also need to tell me the pen name you will be using on the blog (if you chose to use one).

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Subscribe to the class blog

You will want to be made aware of changes to the blog, so subscribe to postings and comments using the tools on the blog. You may also wish to have the blog send you an email each time there is a change.

You have three options. You may choose any or all, but if you choose not to have an email sent to you, do subscribe to the postings and comments options.

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Create your first blog posting

Your initial posting should be a repeat of what we did in class basics2. Include it it at least the following:

  1. your name and the name you prefer to be called
  2. your hometown (in whatever manner you chose to define the word "hometown")
  3. your class (first year, second, third, fourth, graduate student)
  4. your major
  5. what you hope to get out of this class
  6. and, the operating system on your personal laptop

Of course, you may add anything else that you wish.

Start the habit, right now, of always using the same label (or tag) for each of your posts.

  • Create something that identifies the posting as your posting, so I can seach by labels in order to credit you with your work.
  • If you wish, you may add any additional descriptive label that you wish.

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