Visual Design Principles

The practitioner's guide to user experience design

Read these to prepare for class discussion

  1. Chapter 3, Interface Designs are Facial Expressions of Digital Products,
    pages 70-84
    in Miller, L. (2015). The practitioner's guide to user experience design.
    New York; Boston: Grand Central Publishing.
  2. Universal Principles of Design
  3. Universal principles of design
    The Principle of Five Hat Racks, 100
  4. Universal principles of design
    The Principle of Iconic Representation, 132
  5. a relevant article from the Nielsen Norman Group
    Serif vs. Sans-Serif Fonts for HD Screens
  6. Koshman, S. (2006). Visualization-based information retrieval on the Web. Library & Information Science Research, 28(2), 192-207.



Optional readings which may come up in class discussions

Kahn, P., & Lenk, K. (1998). Principles of typography for user interface design. interactions, 5(6), 15-29.

Tractinsky, N., Cokhavi, A., Kirschenbaum, M., & Sharfi, T. (November 01, 2006). Evaluating the consistency of immediate aesthetic perceptions of web pages. International Journal of Human - Computer Studies, 64, 11, 1071-1083.

Useful, but not available online

Lester, P.M. (2006). Visual Communication: Images with Messages. Thomson Wadsworth.
[P93.5 .L47 2006]
Chapter 9, Graphic design
Chapter 10, Informational graphics

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Chapters 1-6, Design principles, p13-71

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Chapter 7, Designing the interface and navigation, p125-144

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