Crosschecking with ourselves on the results of our user analyses

We'll step back today, and engage each other in a discussion of our user analyses. Plan to present your analysis, to include your personas, to your peers. We will all seek to understand the user groups and ponder if the analyses actually captured the total user communities.

Glance over these to prepare for class discussion

  1. Kutty, P. (January 01, 2015).
    Blending market research and user research activities.
    Interactions, 22, 3, 68-70.
    Consider the similarities between market and user research, and think about how it might have affected your user analyses.
  2. Wang, P., Hawk, W. B., & Tenopir, C. (January 01, 2000).
    Users' interaction with World Wide Web resources: an exploratory study using a holistic approach.
    Information Processing and Management, 36, 2, 229-251.
    You certainly do not want to read all of this, but it does go into a bit of depth in terms of how one might approach the study of your user groups.