methods of documenting the user's task

Universal Principles of Design

Read these to prepare for class discussion

  1. Universal principles of design
    Hick's Law, 120
    followed by Redefining Hick's Law By Jason Gross
  2. Universal principles of design
    Fitts' Law, 98
    followed by When You Shouldn't Use Fitts's Law To Measure User Experience By Anastasios Karafillis and Does Gestural Computing Break Fitts' Law? by John Pavlus
  3. a relevant article from the Nielsen Norman Group
    International Usability: Big Stuff the Same, Details Differ
  4. Scott W. Ambler Web services programming tips and tricks: Modeling essential use cases; Where you're coming from, and where you're going. IBM, 20 Jul 2000.
  5. Peter Hornsby Hierarchical Task Analysis February 8, 2010


Optional readings which may come up in class discussions

From Usability Body of Knowledge