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06 April 2021

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Class Schedule

Basics | sessions 01-03
  1. 19 Jan intro and clients | lecture | labs
  2. 26 Jan servers and command line | lecture | labs
  3. 02 Feb networks and protocols | lecture | labs
Web Development | sessions 04-08

  1. 09 Feb structural layer | lecture | labs
  2. 16 Feb presentational layer | lecture | labs
  3. 23 Feb using a structure | lecture | labs
  4. 02 Mar behavioral layer | lecture | labs
  5. 09 Mar design thoughts | lecture | labs
Dealing with Markup | sessions 09-10
  1. 16 Mar control objects and display | lecture | labs
  2. 23 Mar tools that read markup | lecture | labs
Working with data | sessions 11-14
  1. 30 Mar formulas, functions, vectors | lecture | labs
  2. 06 Apr data display | lecture | labs
  3. 13 Apr manipulate data sets | lecture | labs
  4. 20 Apr relational data bases | lecture | labs
Presentations | sessions 15-16
  1. 27 Apr designing a presentation | lecture | labs
  2. 04 May delivering a presentation | lecture | labs

Spreadsheets can be flat file databases.
The tools in Excel can manipulate such databases to array the data exactly as needed.

Using spreadsheets as databases

Dilbert cartoon, 20070809, by Scott Adams

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According to Microsoft

Sorting data is an integral part of data analysis. ... Sorting data helps you quickly visualize and understand your data better, organize and find the data that you want, and ultimately make more effective decisions.

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Your data is entered into your database, row by row, in any order. Should you wish to re-order the rows to better portray some aspect of the database, you may wish to sort the data. There are multiple ways to do it (use this example).

  • Sort list in alphabetical, numerical, or chronological order
  • Order can be ascending or descending

How to sort

Select the column or array you wish to sort, then choose Data > Sort & Filter > Sort from the ribbon

[select the array to be sorted, then select the sort tool from the ribbon]

The same is true in Excel for Mac

[select the array to be sorted, then select the sort tool from the ribbon]

Or use the sort tools from the right click option.

sort by right click

The ribbon option and the Custom Sort option both will reveal the dialog box.

[MSExcel 2007+ sort dialog box]

Check that the data sorted correctly. To undo, use the undo icon or CTRL-Z or "Edit, Undo" or just redo the sort.

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13 April lecture | preps | sorting | filtering | pivot tables