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You will be called upon to demonstrate specific spreadsheet skills on a set of worksheets and will also create several SQL queries based on a set of provided data.

Task ④ ⇒ working with data

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You are to download and modify several existing worksheets to make them a more useful product. To be specific, these worksheets from a variety of publicly available data provided by the US government in spreadsheet form.

The task will require you show capability with a number of data management skills

  • cell and worksheet formatting
  • building formulas and using functions that pull data from other worksheets
  • converting raw data into charts and data displays
  • sorting
  • filtering - simple and multivalue
  • VLookup
  • pivot tables
Additionally, we will introduce basic database concepts
  • we will gain a familiarity with Entity Relationship Model concepts and terminology
  • we will gain a familiarity with Structured Query Language (SQL) queries

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There are several different commercial spreadsheet software applications, and you may use the one of your choice. However, your product will have to be capable of being used with Microsoft Excel.

Working in groups for tasks

You may, if you choose to, do task 04 as a group project. These are some rules of thumb to follow for group work in INLS161.

  • If you choose the team option, let your recitation instructor know who are the members of your team.
  • Note who your work group members are and be sure you know them by face and by email address.
  • As much as possible, every member of the group should do all the components of the task. Do not parcel out portions of the task to individuals.
  • Then, when your team has completed the task, one member of the team will submit that team's task in the Task 04 assignment space.

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Task 04 is worth 20% of your INLS161 grade, so this task will be worth 20 points in total. Each of the sub-elements is listed on the gradesheet.

The finished workbook will be stored in your Sakai assignments location for INLS161..

Save the finished product using the standard file name structure for this class.
An example of a standard file name might be johnson.pat.20201111.task04.working-with-data.xlsx

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