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INLS161-001 Spring 2021


All of our reading materials will be available online,
either in our Sakai site or from links within our Sakai site

There may be readings in our Sakai site for each session, but they are not readings for memorization. Lectures will not necessarily follow the readings, and they might not even touch on all of the content in the readings. The purpose of the readings is to provide you a context within which to experience the lectures and exercises that follow. You will want to do the readings to have a framework within which to work.

Web development readings

HTML & CSS : design and build websites.

If you feel that you want to have an HTML/CSS reference book, you may wish to purchase
Duckett, J. (2011).
HTML & CSS: Design and build websites.
Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.

You can survive without this book, but if you prefer a physical book, you would be well advised to purchase it and use it extensively.

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Session notes

These will include links to a variety of additional resources, to more fully explain or expand on topics discussed in the notes. Some of the linked sources may include:

  • online documentation from UNC's Information Technology Services (especially the help link),
  • other information sources available via the Web,
  • or readings that will be sent to you as email attachments or as blog posts.

Pay attention to the schedule and to the Sakai site and you would do well to look over the Sakai links prior to coming to class. If there is something that you should read prior to class, it will be included on the session notes for the session prior to the class you will be preparing for.

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