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The image below is a hyperlink to lecture slides
slides for each session starting with session 02

INLS161-001 Spring 2021


Class sessions have online lecture notes (which will include links to supplementary readings). The recitation session notes will also include lab exercises that may either be required or recommended. pay attention to which is which.

There may also be links to other related sources of information on the topic under consideration, and readings for the subsequent session.

Some lecture notes will be very detailed and loaded with images
Some lecture notes will be spare and loaded with hyperlinks

recognize that links may change over time

Refer to the lecture notes either to prepare for what you are going to learn or to review what you have learned.

Starting with lecture 02 this semester, some lectures will also have presentations with slides available prior to each session. You will always be able to download the slides by using the link at the slide image in the left column on each session page which includes a presentation.

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Daily plan for lectures

The lectures will be just that -- lectures, supported by graphics. Some of the lectures will include demonstrations of the tools discussed.

In a class of this size, it may be difficult to have conversations as a regular part of the lecture sessions. But, with luck, we will have a free exchange of ideas during the lecture sessions (primarily by using the Zoom chat tool), with more of such exchanges and conversationos during the lab/recitation sessions.

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Daily plan for recitation sessions

The first 5 to 10 minutes will be spent listening to something interesting that a class member wants to share with all of us.
The hyperlink in the previous sentence is to an example of what one might want to present and what a supporting forum posting might look like.

The next 65 to 70 minutes will consist of
examples (relevant to the week's lecture);
discussion (some);
and practice (a lot).

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