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2004 The History of American Animation Sokoloff, Jason Pathfinder
2004 Kabuki Theater Raab, Alison Pathfinder
2004 Memories of Spain Ramirez, Marisa Digital Archive
2004 Navigating Roadside Attractions: Design & Usability Issues in Tourist-Attraction Web Sites Sokoloff, Jason Portal
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2003 Shadowplay: Archival and Cultural Dimensions of Delivering Music Online Breaden, Craig Other
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2003 Social Stratification in the U.S. Unsworth, Alan Pathfinder
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2003 Teen Support: Resources to Support Mental Wellness and Fight Depression Zellers, Jessica Portal
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2003 The Use of Dogs in Young Adult Literature Duda, Alexandra Other
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2002 George Cruikshank McKenna, Cristianne Pathfinder
2002 Vegetarianism: An Ethical Perspective Lafferty, Meghan Pathfinder
2002 Women In The Middle Ages Porter, Dorothy Pathfinder
2001 American Quilting Williams, Deborah Pathfinder
2001 Art Museums: Exhibition Design Gresko, Amy Pathfinder
2001 Banking and Finance in China Zhang, Ying Pathfinder
2001 Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening Sult, Leslie Pathfinder
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2001 Serialized Fiction in the Victorian Era Gundlach, Kathryn Pathfinder
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2001 Traditional Chinese Medicine Jiang, Shan Pathfinder
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2000 Ecotourism Urquhart, Nicole Pathfinder
2000 Hiking in North Carolina Pittman, Leigh B. Pathfinder
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2000 Joseph A. Schumpeter Foster, John Pathfinder
2000 The Lewis and Clark Expedition Johnson, Corey Pathfinder
2000 Medieval Period in Europe: Children's Literature Jennisen, Lucas Pathfinder
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2000 Propaganda Doupe, Kevin Pathfinder
2000 Seventeenth Century British Women Writers Wooten, Kelly Pathfinder
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1998 Anglo-American Travelers in Africa: 1850-1939 Wisser, Kathy Pathfinder
1998 First World War Combat Experience Bergquist, Ronald Pathfinder
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