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Thank you for visiting! This site provides an overview of introductory materials and search strategies for finding resources on outsider art. The menu to the left contains the following:

Definition: Outsider Art has had many definitions over the last 20 years. This section offers a basic summary of its most accepted incarnation, as well as a sampling of experts' interpretations of the term.

Scope and Purpose: The intention of this site and the types of resources included are described here.

Search Terms: This is a list of Library of Congress subject headings, as well as keywords that may also be helpful when searching databases or search engines.

Call Numbers: This includes various ranges of the Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal System that contain works on outsider art.

Books: Well, these are books.

Print Journals: Journals found at UNC libraries.

Online Resources: Relevant web sites (organizations, museums, general resources), articles, indexes and databases are listed here.


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