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This pathfinder is designed to aid the curious in finding sources on media artist and self-described non-musician Brian Eno. The documents included here cover a range of sources detailing his early career, his emergence in the 1970s as a pioneer of electronic and ambient music, and his output as a producer of some of rock and ambient music's most revered recordings. All materials listed are available either through UNC libraries or online, and include journals, journal articles, encyclopedia articles, discographies, histories, biographies, rare books, and recordings.* While this pathfinder is primarily concerned with Brian Eno, his association with and influence on like-minded artists also makes this guide a good place to start for other topics related to avant-garde and ambient music.

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* Copyrighted materials in this pathfinder are used under the terms of Fair Use, for academic and educational purposes only. Where used, their sources are noted at the bottom of the page.

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