INLS161-002 | Spring 2017

Task 06: Presentations

This task is due on the Final Exam Day and time, December 09, 4:00 p.m.


Here is a Good overview to get started: PowerPoint Quick Start

Mac Users can benefit from this PowerPoint Mac help

task Create a self-running presentation with slide timing and narration 12/09
  Your presentation should also be able to function as if you were presenting it live 12/09
  You will design/edit your own template or theme | Quick template setup | Mac templates 12/09
  find an alternative (here is one) to using standard bullet points. Points will be lost for ignoring this directive 12/09
  You will create a personal logo Here is a helpful  video tutorial I found on YouTube.
Add it to the slide master in the footer or somewhere else where it does not disrupt the flow of the presentation.
  Incude an automatically updated date in the footer.  

Develop a transitional device << confusing term Better way to say it: navigation system to show the slide progress.
This is different from a slide transition, which you need to do for at least one slide.

  Illustrate your points. Use your own photos and graphics as much as possible. Cite  reference when pulling from the web or scanning book photos. If you share or post your deck be cognizant of copyright. Consider creative commons images. is another good resource. 12/09
  Annotate at least one slide.  (You can hide this slide if you don't want to show an annotation.)
This is not a PowerPoint annotation in the sense that you annotate a slide during the presentation flow. This task simply requires that you demonstrate that you are able to use the powerpoint text and drawing tools to add information to an image or graphic that has bee placed into your presentation.
  Demonstrate facility with animation by making an object move and an object appear and an object disappear 12/09
  Demonstrate drawing tools (helpful video at and grouping skills and document this in the speaker notes section 12/09
  Link out to a web page on the internet in at least one slide | see linking help 12/09
  hide a slide  then link to it and link back to the presentation from the slide | see linking help 12/09
  Add narration to the presentation. Introduce each slide. Time your presentation so that it will run unatttended. 12/09

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