Assignment 05

usability inspection

05. usability inspection of a design developed by one of your classmates

Prior to Monday, 13 Apr 2016, you will be asked to select one of the class projects in which you are particularly interested and/or about which you are particularly knowledgeable. Prior to that date, you will have had a chance to see the prototypes demonstrated. Each of you will be assigned to evaluate one of the projects. Each project will be evaluated by at least one class member; each class member will evaluate one project.

You can see your match at this link

For the evaluation, you will have access to the complete documentation of the design. You may also communicate with the designer concerning questions of clarification. In addition, the designer may ask that the evaluator consider focusing on particular areas of interest or concern.


  1. Review the project documentation, paying special attention to the goal of the system, the scope of the user group, and the task to be supported. Also, be sure that you understand the scope of the prototype itself.
  2. Identify five strengths/weaknesses to be the focus of your evaluative comments.
    Of the five, one or two points should focus on strengths of the design,
    (aspects that should be retained in the design).
    The remaining three or four points should focus on problems in the design,
    (aspects that could be improved).
  3. For each of the five points:
    • Describe the aspect of the design being discussed, and state whether it is a strength or a weakness; and
    • support your evaluation with a rationale, based on the user analysis, the task analysis, and the literature, as appropriate. Each point must be supported with a general principle, a specific guideline, or research findings published in the literature.

This task is due on Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016.

An electronic version of your comments should be provided to the prototype designer on or before that day.