Assignment 03

Design Analysis

3. making justifiable decisions about the design

As you develop your design, you will be making decisions about how the system will be implemented. Five or six of your major design decisions should be documented formally (though you may also document smaller decisions, if it is helpful to you).

For each decision, you should

  • specify the decision itself,
  • the alternatives considered,
  • and your rationale for selecting a particular alternative, including the evidence supporting your reasoning.

Evidence supporting your design decisions may be drawn from

  • published usability guidelines,
  • prior research studies that are relevant to your decision,
  • or data you have gathered from your target audience.

You have four examples to look at.

  1. The first example is simple and straightforward for a reasonably scoped proposal.
  2. The second example goes a bit more into detail about design philosophy and lays out a few examples for a fairly complex proposal.
  3. The third example seeks to display clearly what those design decisions may look like for a fairly complex proposal.
  4. The fourth example is the most robust, but for a fairly simple proposal - a website for a small town government.

At least five or six decisions should be documented
and are due by 2359 hours on Monday, 04 April 2016