Assignment 02

Task Analysis

2. identifying and describing the essence of the task to be supported by the system

The task analysis is focused on the definition of the task, from the user's perspective. The goals or intentions of the user should be documented, as well as the essential steps required to complete the task.

Your documentation of the tasks is in two components

Sample Outline, Task Analysis

In the first component, you will analyze the task itself. The documentation should include a high-level overview of the task structure, a use case for each subtask, and one or more scenarios for each use case.

  1. The tasks to be performed
    • Hierarchical description of activity
      - Structure charts OR
      - GOMS model (goals and subgoals)
    • Essential use cases
      - As "leaves" of the hierarchical tree
    • Scenarios of use
      - At least one for each essential use case (typical use)
      - Multiple for important use cases

The second component describes other aspects of the task, such as its frequency and the environment in which it occurs.

  1. General description of task characteristics
    • The frequency or timing of the task
      - How frequently do users perform the task?
      - What are the time constraints on the task?
    • The complexity and difficulty of the task
      - How complex is the task?
      - How difficult is the task?
      - How structured is the task?
    • The relationship of the task to other user tasks
      - Is system use mandatory or discretionary?
      - How important is the task?
      - What is the relationship between the users and the data?
    • The physical environment of task performance
      - Where is the task performed?
      - What other tools does the user have?
    • The social, organizational and cultural environment of the task
      - Relationships with other people in the workplace or on the work team
      - The organizational culture and its effects
      - National or ethnic cultural effects
    • Planning for learning and breakdowns
      - What training will be provided?
      - How is the task learned?
      - What happens when things go wrong?

You also have an example to study.

The assignment is due 2359 hours on Monday, 29 February 2016