Assignment 01

User Analysis

1. identifying and describing the intended users of the system

The user analysis will include a definition of the target audience (i.e., who is in it and who is not), summary data on their characteristics (with special emphasis on characteristics that might affect design decisions), and two or more personas (at minimum, a primary persona and a secondary persona).

Sample Outline, User Analysis

  1. Scope/definition of user group
    Brief, narrative description defining user group (who is included, who is not)
  2. Checklist of important user characteristics:
    include summary data for those that are pertinent for design decisions
    • Physical characteristics
      - Age
      - Gender
      - Perceptual abilities and/or handicaps
      - Motor skills and/or physical disabilities
    • Knowledge and experience
      - Level of education, reading level
      - Native language
      - Knowledge of particular (domain-specific) terminology
    • Computer/IT experience or knowledge
      - Computer literacy: naive, novice, skilled, expert
      - Level of experience with similar systems
      - Level of experience with other systems
    • Level of experience with the task
    • Psychological characteristics
      - Attitudes
      - Motivation to use the system
  3. Personas: primary, secondary, others

You also have an example to study.

The assignment is due by 2359 hours on Monday, 01 February 2016