Module 01 Exam

Module 01 has been about Organizing Information

We covered these topics and had some visuals to use for each session.

  1. 16 Jan | History of Information Science
  2. 21 Jan | History of Information Science
  3. 23 Jan | What Is Information?
  4. 28 Jan | Information Organization: Foundations
  5. 30 Jan | Information Organization: Categorizing
  6. 04 Feb | Information Organization: Classification
  7. 06 Feb | Information Structures: Thesauri, Controlled Vocabulary and Metadata
  8. 11 Feb | Information Structures: Markup
  9. 18 Feb | Information Structures: Relational Databases

Today's class structure

As you arrive in class, I will hand you a paper exam that includes 50 questions.

Most of the questions are definitional and require you to fill in the answer. You will have included with the exam a list of possible responses. You may either write in the response, or you may write in the number of the correct response.

Several of the questions will ask you to demonstrate that you understand some of the definitions by doing something. The something that you will be asked to do will not be difficult.

Every definition on this exam will have been posted on one of the session slides. Every demonstration on this exam will have been mentioned in class.