History of Information Science

You want to know who Claude Shannon was and what he means to the field.

Read this one and be ready to discuss it in class

Saracevic, T.(2010).
Information science.
In M.J. Bates (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences (3rd edition)
New York, NY: CRC Press.
look at pages 2577-2585 for today.

If you are curious, and only if you are seriously curious, you might want to look at his original article. It has been cited over 64,000 times.

Glance at these before class and be ready to discuss them in class

If we go to the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) home page, we see that it has been around since 1937. But what was special about 1937 and why did it get its start in that year?

When we go to the History of Information Science page, we see something interesting about the Chronology of Information Science and Technology. What is is?

Optional readings If you want to know more about Grace Hopper, read Grudin, J., & Williams, G. (November 01, 2013). Two women who pioneered user-centered design. Interactions, 20, 6, 15-20.