What is Information Science?

It isn't a localized effort.

Read these before class and be ready to discuss them in class

  1. Read over the Wikipedia article on the topic.
  2. Look at:
    Zins, C. (January 01, 2007). Knowledge Map of Information Science. Journal- American Society for Information Science and Technology, 58, 4, 526-535.
    PDF version
    Don't read it in detail, but do study Figure 2 on page 529.
Bates.Encyclopedia of LIS

You might also want to look over this one

Saracevic, T.(2010).
Information science.
In M.J. Bates (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences (3rd edition)
New York, NY: CRC Press.
look at pages 2570-2577 for today. We'll come back to it again.

We'll use a dollar bill to decide who will lead us on the first two minute reviews and previews on Thursday.