Module 01 Review

Module 01 has been about Organizing Information

So let's organize what we have done

  1. 16 Jan | History of Information Science
    reviewed by Amanda Stroud | recorded by Tae Lee
  2. 21 Jan | History of Information Science
    reviewed by Johnathan Kirk | recorded by Sarah Moody
  3. 23 Jan | What Is Information?
    reviewed by Kyle Wolfe | recorded by Xiao Zhang
  4. 28 Jan | Information Organization: Foundations
    reviewed by Lily Fagan | recorded by David Speese
  5. 30 Jan | Information Organization: Categorizing
    reviewed by Sofia Austin | recorded by Neil Wang
  6. 04 Feb | Information Organization: Classification
    reviewed by Casie Matthews | recorded by Councill Leak
  7. 06 Feb | Information Structures: Thesauri, Controlled Vocabulary and Metadata
    reviewed by Keyasia Tibbs | recorded by Paige Patterson
  8. 11 Feb | Information Structures: Markup
    reviewed by Matthew Stormont | recorded by Michelle La
  9. 18 Feb | Information Structures: Relational Databases
    reviewed by Logan Icenhour | recorded by Kayla Orringer

Today's class structure

Each of the above first-named individuals will start a discussion on the topic we covered during a specific session. Tell us what you thought the key points were.

Each of the above second-named individuals will use a white board to list the key points.

The rest of us will comment on the topics, offering suggestions about what was perceived to be more or less prominent in the class consideration.

We'll see if we can come to some understanding of what to expect on the exam on the following Tuesday