Information Structures and Terminology

Watch this and consider what lies below the surface that you see

Glushko.Foundations for Organizing


Read pages 164-196, Describing Relationships and Structures.

by Robert J. Glushko, Matthew Mayernik, and Alberto Pepe, in Robert J. Glushko's The Discipline of Organizing, MIT Press, 2013.

Pay particular attention the section on p. 165, 5.2 Describing Relationships: An Overview and on p. 192 5.8.1 The Semantic Web and Linked Data.

Then read How Semantic Web Works

by Tracy v. Wilson on 09 February 2006 at

Remembering back to the previous session, compare Weinberger's discussion of collaborative filtering on pages 60-63 in your previous reading with the semantic web's overarching organizational structure.

  • Can the semantic web concept work?
  • Do you think it does work?
  • Or is Amazon's smaller concept the one that will prevail?

Continue to think about how you organize your information worlds