The Life and Art of Charles Doyle

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Unpublished Artwork of Charles Altamont Doyle

The unpublished artwork of Charles Doyle is held by several museums, libraries, and private individuals. The following is a list of the major holders of Doyle's unpublished artwork.


Publicly Held

Fine Art Society: According to Michael Baker, in the Doyle Diary, the Fine Art Society holds several pieces of art by Charles Altamont Doyle.

Houghton Library at Harvard University: Holds 17 ink and water color sketches by Charles Altamont Doyle.

Huntington Library, San Marino Library: Contains extensive holdings related to the artwork of Charles Altamont Doyle including sketchbooks, paintings, and various illustrations.

National Library of Ireland: Doyle's artwork is included in the collection "20th Century Illustrators and Artists"

Newberry Library: Contains numerous illustrations by Doyle in the C. Frederick Kittle Collection.

Royal Scottish Academy: Contains numerous illustrations and sketches by Doyle.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Contains numerous illustrations by Doyle. They were displayed in an exhibit from November of 1983 to February of 1984.


Privately Held

Conan Doyle Family: Possesses over 30 watercolor illustrations by Charles Doyle and at least one sketchbook created during Doyle's confinement in an asylum.

Dr. C. Frederick Kittle and Ann Kittle: Although they donated a large portion of their artwork to the Newberry Library, the Kittles still own several pieces of artwork by Charles Doyle.