The Life and Art of Charles Doyle

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Charles Altamont Doyle in Film and Television

Above: The fountain at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. It was designed by Charles Doyle      

Murder Rooms. Television Movie. Dir. Paul Seed. Prod. David Pirie. Perf. John Bett as Charles Doyle. WGBH Boston, 2000. A fictionalized interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle's college days. In this movie, Charles is seen in a violent alcoholic fit ranting about seeing fairies.

Murder Rooms: The White Night Strategem. Television Series. Prod. Alison Jackson. Perf. Hugh Ross as Charles Doyle. WGBH Boston, 2001. This series, based on the previous movie, shows Charles Doyle in a mental institution. He is depicted as weak and slightly delusional.