The Life and Art of Charles Doyle

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Above: Detail from Doyle's painting "Bank Holiday." The two central characters are Charles and his wife, Mary.

This website is designed as a basic introduction to the life and work of fantasy artist, Charles Altamont Doyle. The resources on this site include books, articles, websites and even movies. Because Doyle is not a famous artist, it is particularly difficult to find a single comprehensive source of information about him. This website is an attempt to remedy that problem. It will serve as a map, guiding users to relevant information.

This website is introductory enough to be used by any manner of audience. However, it was created with students, scholars, and researchers in mind. It will prove particularly useful to researchers interested in Victorian art, faerie illustrations, or fantasy art. However, it will also attract students of "Dicky" Doyle and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.






Note: This image is only shown for reference purposes. Please do not copy it for use in commercial applications. This drawing is held by National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, and is reproduced from Richard Doyle and His Family, an exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.