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INLS161-001 Task 02.02

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Task 02 will see you do some hard coding,
then create a web site for this class and, possibly, for your future use.
The second component is to apply some basic style rules to it, using CSS.

Task ② ⇒ web development

This task has three components

  1. Task ② .01 hard coding HTML
  2. Task ② .02 adding CSS
  3. Task ② .03 create a full web site
The first component was to demonstrate some hard coding skills first with HTML, the structural layer and now with CSS, the presentational layer

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Task 02.02

website creation task logo css

Task 02.02 is to link your initial hard-coded homepage to an external CSS stylesheet. Use a basic text editor and link the page you created for Task 02.01 to a simple CSS stylesheet.

You may also wish to add different kinds of HTML tags on your 02.01 page to see how the different stylesheets cause them to display.

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Update "task02-01/index.html" page and, using your SFTP tool, into the directory you created in task 01.04 by 2359 on day before the subsequent session, and tell your lab/recitation instructor to look at it. This task component is required just to compel you to try out linking to an external CSS stylesheet.

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Your hard coded page must validate using the W3C Markup Validation Service and the W3C CSS Validation Service. There must be no errors in your code.

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Then go on to task 02.03

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